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Dover Coast residents composting diverts 20 tons from landfillWednesday, November 10, 2021

Original Source: Port Dover Maple Leaf


DOVER Coast is an active retirement living community. People come from all parts of the province to retire in our friendly, clean, active town.


Some people come to relax and take life easy while others throw themselves into their new surroundings with vigor.


“We were all looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of larger communities. The love for the lake to be close at hand and the opportunity to have a more relaxing lifestyle in a small-town community,” said Elaine Anderson.


She is part of a group of like-minded residents that have banded together and formed the volunteer Greening our Community (GOC) committee. They have implemented a successful composting program within Dover Coast.


The Maple Leaf caught up with Elaine recently to learn about what they’ve been up to in recent months. Started by resident Wendy Cooper, the GOC committee has eight members, and they meet once a month to brainstorm and “discuss ideas on what initiatives we could do to save the landfill and green our community,” Elaine said.


They have a passion to make a difference in the town and felt a good start would be “saving our compost to take the burden off of the landfill, essentially to extend the life of the current landfill. So, we initially started out with the “green bin” project but have several other initiatives that our group has been working on.”


The group would like to see a green cart program started and “prior to engaging the farmer, our team created and sent a proposal to Norfolk council regarding creating a green bin program. A few of us from the committee met with the county council and shared our proposal,” Elaine shared.


“Amy Martin set up the meeting and invited others to join including Merissa Bolka, Jason Godby and Larry Conrad. The council was very interested in our initiatives that we had proposed but they shared some limitations,” she added.


“We learned that Norfolk County did not have room in the budget to start up the green bin program, that there were very few companies that would receive the green bins and manage the contents, and they are very expensive so Norfolk County could not compete with the other cities RFPs,” Elaine said.


Their committee learned Norfolk’s low population density works against a green bin program but believed the county was still committed to working on a green bin program.


And then the pandemic hit and, like so many other initiatives, everything ground to a half.


With many on the committee familiar with green bin programs from other communities, they decided another solution had to be found.


Elaine said, “we would like to start this project with Dover Coast being a test pilot site and when the council sees the benefits of what we can accomplish with a small community of 200 homes, we would love to see it expand to the whole of Port Dover.”


In the meantime, a Dover Coast resident found a farmer interested in receiving table scraps to help feed their animals.


This seemed a good fit.


“I heard of this and brought it to the group, and we considered if we could engage our residents in Dover Coast to do this. We ran a survey to find out everyone’s interest,” Elaine explained.


“As we live in a condo setting, as per the rules of the board, we are not able to do self-composting in our backyards. We had a great response to our survey, so we approached the local farmer and asked if they were interested in receiving our ‘kitchen scraps’.”


The farmer was willing to work with the Dover Coast group. “This helped provide them extra feed for their livestock and it allowed the residents to feel good about not putting these kitchen scraps into the garbage,” Elaine said.


“We worked with the farmer to identify items they did not want in the scraps for the animal feed. From our team, we set up homes where we allow the residents to place their bagged kitchen scraps into bins in our driveways. We then take the scraps over to the farmer at the end of the collection times,” Elaine explained.


Deliveries from the committed team members to the farm happen Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.


“No fee is received, we give it to the farmer. So, the residents get the self-satisfaction that they are helping a local farmer and not adding this to the landfill,” Elaine told us.


Once the program had started, the committee provided tips and updates on the composting program.


Elaine estimated that approximately half the Dover Coast community is participating in this program and the collections have been substantial.


For a year the contents of the bins was weighed with a total of 20,000 pounds collected!


As Elaine said, that is equal to “10 tons of waste that did not go to our landfill! And this is just from one small community…we were pleasantly surprised as to the amount. Can you imagine if everyone in Norfolk County participated!”


Backyard composting, recycling, and finding a way to use those kitchen scraps – these are actions we can all take. And the Dover Coast community has a great model on how it can be done!



David's Lakeside!Wednesday, June 17, 2020

With the highly anticipated upcoming opening to Phase 2 operationally we have developed an outdoor restaurant concept called David’s Lakeside. 


A casual and enjoyable food and beverage facility we hope you take advantage of.  


At David’s Lakeside we will not be able to accept Gift Cards or Vouchers that have been issued for David’s Restaurant, Elements Day Spa or the Links at Dover Coast as we do not have the same operational computer systems to access these programs. They will be honored at the operations for which they were issued. 


We will be accepting Dover Coast Resident cards for their prescribed discount but only with presentation of the actual resident card.  


David’s Lakeside will operate as a self-order system. Once your orders are prepared they will be delivered to your table by a team member. We will not be taking table side orders thus all orders will be placed and paid for at our ordering station.


Entry to David’s Lakeside will be from the eastern staircase that is used for Spa entry as well. Spa guests are permitted to jump the queue and immediately proceed for their booked appointments when open.


Guests must queue for dining and directed by Lakeside Host – Guests with reservations are permitted to see Host as to be brought to table for their reservation.


Lakeside Host will also check for resident cards at Resident Lakeside Patio.


Reservations can be made 1 day in advance at 519-583-0706, there will be no same day reservations.


Reservations will be held for 15 after time booked otherwise, they will be forfeited.Reservations will be for a 1.5 hour duration. Guests may be asked to accommodate other’s at their table if booking in groups of 2 at tables for 10 people.


Capacity counts maintained and managed by host.


No restriction of period of time of stay however items must be consumed while in attendance, it is not a parkland to visit


No Corkage fee program is in permitted at this time due to Covid restrictions


No pets or animals permitted



Links at Dover Coast 2020 Golf Course Construction InformationWednesday, May 20, 2020

With the start of the new season we thought it prudent to send out some general information of where we are at with the construction of the “front 9” holes of the Links at Dover Coast.


We are happy to inform you that holes #2 and part of #9 that were seeding last season have begun to germinate. In having this seed start up we have now been able to stabilize the soil that was worked as to prevent any loss of shape due to erosion.


Holes 2 through 9 remain in various stages of completion. Number 2 being the one requiring only bunker sand and the green cavity yet to be filled.


Rough shaping has continued on holes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 tee decks, with a greater emphasis on holes 5, 6 and 7 through the past winter.


We performed a modest change on hole 7 to move the tee decks a little closer to the ravine to help create a moderate shape to this beautiful par 4.


The pond we constructed, that is surrounded by holes 4 and 8, has stabilized as we had some concerns with water retention. The clay base has now sealed and our pond level is now confirmed.


A drain system from the pond at number 9/10, has now been joined to the pond at number 4/8 as a safety overflow and as a continuation to the primary drain through the ravine between holes 7 and 11.


The scrub brush along the ravine has been cleaned up, in order to provide additional air flow through this area to support and assist turf growth.


Due to COVID-19 when have stopped construction since March 15 and at this point we have yet to return to construction. Our hopes are that we can return to this as soon as possible.


Our commitment is to the completion of this project, however it is important to note that the development of this project, is linked directly to the development of our residential community. As there are some barriers we are trying to overcome with development issues, related to residential water availability, there is considerable patience required, as our efforts are being focused on finding a solution to potable water issues with the County.


We thank everyone for your patience and we look forward to updating you with further information as we continue to develop the region’s premier Golfing and Lifestyle Community.


We look forward to seeing on the course in 2020.



Canadian Open BoundFriday, July 27, 2018

Taking the newly wrapped Dover Coast coach to the Canadian Open! Livin’ large at Dover Coast.




Meet our new 34 Passenger Coach Bus!Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The inaugural voyage of our new 34 passenger coach bus departed on Saturday May 26, 2018. The day was co-ordinated by John Casey and Ron Logel who from personal experience in the sunny south have taken up the highly social activity of lawn bowling. As we develop plans to build our own facility this contingent of happy travellers were hosted at the Hagersville Lawn Bowling Club nearby us in the town of Hagersville, Ont.  This bus will be used by residents for trips to ball games, plays, casinos, shopping trips, wineries, breweries and more!


2018 Hagersville Lawn Bowling Trip





Pickle Ball Courts in Full SwingWednesday, October 18, 2017

I am thrilled to announce that Dover Coast is the first adult resort style community to have Pickle Ball!

Our courts are in full swing this summer. What is pickle ball everyone asks? Well it is a game created with one thing in mind: fun. It was designed to be easy to learn and play whether you're five, eighty-five or somewhere in between. It is played on a court that is a quarter the size of a tennis court with special paddles that look similar to a table tennis paddle only larger and the ball is similar to a wiffle ball only smaller. It is widely played in the southern states and many communities there are switching their tennis courts over to pickle ball. We are with them on that one. Our residents are busy either teaching those who have never played or running out to buy their paddles to learn. Just one more example of our community coming together to enjoy life.


Pickleball Court


Pickleball Team


Playing Pickleball


Playing Pickleball



Lake Side Infinity DeckTuesday, October 17, 2017

The developer has outdone himself on this one! I am proud to say that the construction of this deck is on par with the high quality of the homes we are building. A lot of thought and planning went into it and it shows. The three tiered lake side infinity deck was much anticipated and well worth the wait. This beautiful huge stone structure gives an amazing view of majestic Lake Erie with lovely glass walls to allow an uninterrupted view even on those windy summer days.  A wonderful 30 foot swim dock with stairs and a ladder was also built on the shore for easy access into the warm waters. Even better is the fact that these amenities are for the prefered use of our residents.


Infinity Deck from Water


infinity deck


infinity deck


view from the grounds



Let the Games Begin....The Links is Now Open!!!!Thursday, July 2, 2015

It was a wonderful Canada Day here in Port Dover as the "Links at Dover Coast" championship golf course opened seven holes to the delight of the residents.  The opening ceremony began with a Scottish bagpiper leading the procession.  In attendance to cut the ribbon were John Lennox (Course Owner), Mark Stortini (COO), Darrell Huxham (Course Designer), mayor Charlie Luke and Council Member Jim Oliver.  The resounding consensus is that this course is a beauty and will only become more desirable as we add to it.  Many however found seven holes to be just right as it is quite challenging!  Hole #14 measures over 600 yards from the back tee deck.  You can find the current course configuration at "  as well as the green fees.  Thank you to all who made this day so memorable.  Our friendly golf pro Manny is available in the pro shop to answer any questions.  Pro Shop:  519-583-2118


Links at Dover Coast Grand Opening


Links at Dover Coast Cutting the Ribbon