Dover Coast
Resident Testimonials
Please take a few minutes to read the nice things our clients have to say about us here at Dover Coast.

We have lived in beautiful Port Dover for approximately 14 years and love the friendly, cosy ambience. When we heard of the Dover Coast Homes Adult Resort Community, we were first in line.

Here we are today looking so forward to moving into our new home. Not only is all the outside taken care of ie. lawns, snow removal, landscaping and gardening, but we will be living in our own golf community.

How wonderful to live in the area you love with the opportunity to have all the amenities to make your living easier.

Come join us.


Pete & Flo

We have always enjoyed visiting the Port Dover area. When the Dover Coast Project was announced it sparked some interest.

After meeting with John and Trish, there was no doubt that this was an opportunity of a lifetime. Living in a beautiful home at a golf course is a dream come true. After much research into the project, we signed on the dotted line.

All of our dealings with John, Trish and Grant have been conducted with the utmost proffessionalism. Picking out our options with the suppliers has also been a delightful surprise. All have been extremely friendly and knowledgeable. The quality and the variety of the materials are outstanding.

We are anxiously looking forward to moving to Dover Coast and becoming a permanent part of this new and wonderful community.

Sharon & Don

Jan and I made our decision in late 2010 to move out of the GTA (Newmarket) when we found the right place. Having grown up in Sarnia, we knew what a Great Lakes community would offer, but it came as a great surprise when we saw the concept of Dovercoast.

Port Dover is much more than we ever expected, and that is a bonus, because the quality of the house we occupied last November is fantastic, and we love our new neighborhood. While we look forward to our new golf course, we are enjoying being involved at the Norfolk Golf Club in Simcoe.

We would encourage anyone looking for an active lifestyle community to join us here at Dovercoast.

Lee & Janet

I grew up in Port Dover and always loved the small town charm. I knew that I wanted to return to this small picturesque town located on Lake Erie later on in life. Port Dover has always kept its small town feeling and it is beautiful in all seasons. The small town, relaxing lifestyle, is something I look forward to.

Three years ago my husband and I began looking around in Port Dover for a home that we could purchase. We toured many of the new developments but it wasn’t until we looked at the Dover Coast Development when we knew that this was the place we wanted to be. It is located near the water which was something we both wanted. We fell in love with the fact that this development is going to have an 18 hole golf course with several lots backing the holes. The price is great. We are delighted that we have chosen to purchase one of the Dover Coast homes.

When the model home opened in 2010 we were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the building. Currently, we are in the midst of dealing with the builder of Dover Coast and they have been great in answering all of our questions at any time. We are quite impressed with the quality of the standard choices that you get from their suppliers, Winger’s Cabinets in Hagersville and Canada Flooring in Simcoe. In addition, their upgrade prices are very reasonable. We are looking forward to the closing of our home in 2011 and we know that Dover Coast was the best choice for us.

Karen & Leo

After settling into my new home at Dover Coast, it is time to reflect on the three months since I moved in.

Firstly, I know I made a wise choice when I decided to move to Port Dover and live at Dover Coast so close to the lake. Secondly, I am grateful to you and your team, Trish, Grant and Bob who have helped me so much during the whole process. I have appreciated their support and willingness to help whenever it was needed.

Most of all John, I thank you whole heartedly for your many kind gestures and guidance - and for basically "having my back".

From the first day that I met you at the model home and heard your views I knew that Dover Coast was the place for me. Frankly, I have never looked back as I settle into this community where I am comfortable, safe and happy.

Finally, congratulations, your vision is becoming a reality. As you have stated many times "It’s not just a house, it is a lifestyle within a community" ...All the best...

With respect and sincerity,